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I picked up a Springfield Armory XDM 9mm Compact last weekend and got a chance to take it to the range today. First off, I have to say how impressed I am with the overall packaging along with all the extras that come with this gun. I own several differnt brands of handguns and none of them come is as nice of a case or with as many accessories.

When you purchase the XDM compact you will get 2 different sized back straps, 2 extra magazines, a paddle holster, speed loader and a carry holster for your extra magazine. Not to mention the gun lock and cleaning brushes as well. 
Mine is the bi-tone model and in my opinion Springfield Armory hit a home run on fit and finish with this one. The gun has a very solid and quality feel to it. 

Springfield has designed this to be 2 guns in one. In compact form it is a 13 plus 1 capacity handgun. The bonus is how springfield designed the high capacity extra mag. They are 19 plus 1 and the magazine is designed to extend the frame of the handgun so with the high cap mag in your compact turns into a full size XDM 3.8. Genious!  The pic below shows it with the extended mag in. I have the full size XDM 9mm and with the extended mag they are the same dimensions. 

At the range the compact continued to impress. Keeping the majority of my rounds in the bullseye at 7 yards and maintaining decent groups at 15 yards. It seems to have a touch more recoil than the Glock 26 9mm Gen 4 compact but by no means was it unmanageable. With the compact magazine your pinky will be hanging out in never never land, nothing a little $10 mag extender won't fix. Unfortanately the gun shop I was at didn't have any in stock. Throw the extended mag in and you have the feel and accuracy of the full size XDM 9mm. 

All and all I put 150 rounds through it and left the range happy with my new purchase. However, if I had to choose one compact 9mm and it was between the new XDM and the new Gen 4 Glock 26.... I would have to go with the glock despite the fact that the XDM is a much better looking gun, especially in the bi-tone. The glock just has a touch more accuracy for me. With that said I wouldn't hesitate to reccomend adding the XDM compact to your stable. 

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