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So a friend of mine purchased a P238 about a month ago and he couldn't say enough good things about it. Up to this point I've been carrying my Ruger LCP .380 (which retails at half the price) and have loved it. After hearing him sell me on this little gun for a month I finally decided to give it a second look.

When I went to a local gun dealer I ran into a problem. Sitting right next to the P238 was the new Sig P938 which is this same gun only calibered in a 9mm. Now this truely was a problem since I am a huge fan of the 9mm round. After a 20 minute side by side comparison I ended up going with the P238. It is slightly shorter and is just a little slimmer. Since I am going to be carrying this IWB and occasionally in my pocket that extra little size would of made me regret going with the P938 9mm. Besides, if I'm going to conceal a larger handgun, I'm going with my
Glock 26 everytime. So on to the review. 

Let me start by saying that if I wrote this review a week ago it would of been me ranting and raving about wasting my money on an expensive P.O.S. paper weight. My first trip to the range was full of disappointment and buyers remorse. 

I loaded my new Sig with some cheap Aguilla hollow points that I purchased on sale to use as range ammo. When I hit the slide release to chamber the first round it started to slide forward and then stopped, jamming the round between the slide and feed ramp. Ok, maybe I loaded the magazine wrong somehow. I emptied the magazine, reloaded it, hit the slide release and bam.... Jammed the exact same way. 

At this point I'm getting really frustrated. I walked to the counter and purchased some not so cheap range ammo. I load it up, hit the slide release and bam. It chambered the round this time. Now we are getting somewhere. I fired those rounds down range and tried the hollow points again. No luck. Angry as hell at this point I fired the rest of the 50 fmj range ammo. Most likely due to my mental state I wasn't very accurate. 

When I got home I figured I would try some of my higher quality hollow points. I tried Hornady Critical Defense along with some Federal hollow points. Both had the same problem. Not a single one would chamber. Man am I pissed at this point and want to go back and throw this thing at the gun dealer while shouting from the roof tops how big of a P.O.S. the Sig P238's are. 

While talking to one of my friends with a similar respectable level of gun knowledge he recommended polishing my feed ramp. I have always heard of people doing this but I have personally never felt the need to since I have never had a problem with any firearm not feeding. At this point however I figured anything is worth a try before I send this gun back. As soon as I got home I broke out my dremel and made that feed ramp shine like a new penny. 

Once I finished I loaded a magazine with my Hornady hollow points. I went to hit the slide release and what happened next left me in disbelief. It chambered the round. Thinking it was a fluke I tried it again. Then again and again and again. Almost giddy at this point I loaded up my range bag with 4 different types of ammo and drove straight to the range. 

At the range I sent about 100 rounds of hollow points down range without a single malfunction. Hornady, Federal and even the cheap Aguilla that was giving me heartache on my first range trip. Unbelievable! This little guy fed everything I through at it. One thing that I did notice firing that many rounds at one time is the trigger. It has vertical grooves in it for a more positive trigger feel and control. The down side to that is it will wear the pad of your index finger out firing 100 rounds in one outing. 

Accuracy was greatly improved as well. I had no problem keeping 2 inch groups at 7 yards. Very acceptable in my opinion for a little micro .380. This is the range experience I was expecting from this expensive little guy to begin with. Such a better shooting .380 with it's single action trigger as opposed to the long double action's of the Ruger LCP and Smith & Wesson Bodyguard. 

Holding this guy in your hand you can definately tell where your extra money goes as opposed to it's cheaper polymer counterparts. It feels very solid and well designed. Fit and finish on this little guy is well above par over the other models in this segment. Plus it comes from the factory with night sights as an added bonus. 

I went with the extreme model for 2 reasons. First, it comes with a 7 round extended magazine from the factory and makes for a solid grip with the pinky extension. Second and most important, it is the coolest looking model they make. The all black finish with the worn wood looking grip panels makes this a sexy little ccw gun. 

This is the only carry gun I have that has a hammer so I'm not exactly sure how comfortable I am carrying it chambered yet. I do however love the fact that this is a single action gun. It makes for a much better shooting experience with more accuracy at the range. 

Summing it up. I am now in the same boat as my friend not being able to say enough good things about this gun. The over all fit and finish is great. Shooting is so much better than the other double action .380's on the market. With that said, I'm a little disappointed that I had to correct Sig's feeding issue on my own. If this is a problem with these guns then they should all come from the factory with polished feed ramps, especially at this price point. How much more would it actually take for the factory to do this if it only took me 5 minutes. Plus, I'm going to put a few hundred more rounds down range before I trust carrying it full time. After today however, I have my doubts that I will have any issues going forward with how well it performed with the different makes of hollow points. So with that said, I'm officially putting my stamp of approval on the Sig P238. It will soon become my primary carry weapon. 

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