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So I know this is a little outside of the Concealed Carry box but I'm really excited about this new Ruger and as far as rifles go this is about as Concealed as you can get. I was in the market for a "Bug out bag rifle" and was getting ready to pull the trigger on a Henry survival rifle 22lr (the one that breaks apart and everything fits in the stock}. Then I saw an ad in a gun magazine about this new Ruger 10/22 Take Down model and thought to myself I have to have one. My local gun dealer was sold out and I happened to see one in my local Bass Pro when I was picking up ammo for class so I jumped on it. 

After getting past the wow that's neat factor and taking a closer look at the rifle I was really impressed. It comes with a single 10 round circular magazine and if you want to buy a few more it will accept any magazine designed for a 10/22. The fit and finish are top notch and it comes with a really nice carry bag as a bonus. The bag has a few extra pockets for extra magazines and ammo storage. When it is taken apart and stored in the bag it almost could be mistaken as a large pool cue bag at a glance, if your eye doesn't catch the large red Ruger logo that is. 

Take down and assembly are extremely simple. There is a lever on the bottom of the forestock that you press at the same time you hold the action open and simply twist and pull apart. Reassembly works the same way. You can take it apart and put it back together in less than 10 seconds. When it is assembled it is very solid. I don't know why but I was expecting it to be a little loose for some reason. It is very light with it's composite stock. Plus it's a great looking rifle with all of it's metal being stainless contrasting on it's black composite furniture. 

At the range it was typical ruger 10/22 accuracy. I ran all kinds of ammo through this thing without a single fail to feed or fail to fire. You simply can't go wrong with a ruger 10/22. I remember having one as a kid putting 1000's of rounds through it with only the occasional failure to eject or feed. And I know I didn't properly maintain it way back then. Shooting this rifle is very fun. There is literally no recoil and it is extremely accurate. Be ready for a trip down memory lane if you are like me and grew up shooting sparrows and squirrel hunting as a kid. 

I would highly recommend going out and buying one of these little guys. They are so fun to shoot and are one of the most reliable guns you can own. Not to mention the cool factor of how it breaks down into a smalll package that you can put just about anywhere. I have mine riding under the back seat of my truck. This would be a great option for backpacking or camping. Just break it down and throw it in your pack. Plus being calibered in 22lr you can shoot all day and not break the bank. 

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