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Just got back from another trip to the range. This trip I took all my compacts. The XDM compact 9mm, the Ruger 380 and the Glock 26. I put a full magazine through each gun and then found myself reloading the G26 until I ran out of ammo. It's hard to believe how accurate and smooth this gun is for being so small. Before I purchased the G26 I remember reading reviews on people saying that they shot this subcompact better than it's full size brother the Glock 17. I said there is no way that is possible. Well, I don't have a full size 9mm glock to compare it to but I do shoot tighter groups with this little guy than my full size G22 40 caliber.

The obvious changes to the Gen 4 are the interchangable back straps, an enlarged mag release and a better texturing on the grip. The back straps are pretty straight forward and I found the medium filled my hand the best. The new texturing makes the G26 stick nicely in your hand and not move even when your hand starts to sweat a little. As for the mag release, I can go either way. I didn't see any issue with the old version. 

At the range the G26 really shines. I'm not for sure how Glock managed to do it but you won't have a problem shooting silver dollar size groups at 7 yards. I was drilling out the center bullseye target after target. One thing I'm glad Glock didn't change are the sights. A lot of people will put night sights on their guns but I'm a huge fan of Glocks factory sight. The single dot up front and the bold U in the rear make for a very visible and easy target aquisition. Glock has done a great job with managing the recoil of the 9mm round in this small of a package. It doesn't kick like you would expect a sub compact handgun of this caliber to do. Very manageable allowing for a quick follow up shot. 

As always with a compact handgun a magazine extender is a must have. The pic above is of a Gen 3 G26 but shows the magazine extender. Without it your pinky will be hanging in the wind. Plus it helps with managing the recoil of the G26.

Fit and finish are on par with the Glock standard. Not going to win any beauty contest. Not quite as nice as the XDM but when it comes down to it I will take a handgun that I can predict where my round is going to hit within an inch or so over a beauty queen handgun all day. 

I can't say enough good things about the Gen 4 Glock G26 and if I could only have one compact handgun it would be this one hands down. Great accuracy and being a Glock you know it will go bang every time you squeeze the trigger. 

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