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Ruger LCP 380

I have had this gun for a little over 3 years now. It is by far my favorite conceal and carry gun for a couple of reasons. It's small and light weight. You can slip this little guy in your pocket and carry it all day. It's comfortable enough that you will forget you have a locked and loaded gun in your pocket. 

This gun isn't exactly my favorite range gun however and I for sure wouldn't want to put 100 rounds through it at a time. The trigger draw is long and deliberate wich is good in my opinion. I wouldn't want a gun with a hair trigger when I'm reaching into my pocket to pull it out. Recoil is definately noticable but not unbearable by any means. Feels like the kick of a 9mm.

You won't be shooting 2 inch groups at 15 yards but within 7 yards where most defensive shootings take place it will get the job done and get the job done fairly accurately. 

One option that is an absolute must have is the finger extension for the magazine. The frame of this gun is so small that without it your trying to hang on to a handgun with just a couple of fingers. It will also help you with accuracy and recoil management. 

I've only had one other pocket gun and that was the Kel-Tec. Let me just say that the Ruger is head and shoulders above it's Kel-Tec counterpart. I had the Kel-Tec for one trip to the range and sold it immediately the week after. Ruger's fit and finish is very nice and this gun feels solid for being such a little guy. If your looking for one of the best conceal and carry handguns you need to put the Ruger LCP on your list. 

I find it funny when I over hear "tough guys" saying that they won't carry anything less than a 45, 40 caliber or a 9mm because anything else is too small and doesn't have enough stopping power. I want to ask them if they have ever taken a couple of 380 shots to the chest. I can assure you that I am going to turn and run the other direction regardless of what caliber is coming my way. Plus with a capacity of 6+1 you have 7 rounds to get the job done.

My final words of wisdom are a 380 in your pocket will always out perform a 45, 40 or 9mm left at home because it was too big to carry. 

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