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Got my hands on a new Gen 4 glock 22 this week. For those of you who are debating on whether to upgrade to a Gen 4, all I can say is do it!

A little background. I have had a couple of gen 3 glock 22's and although I liked them I never truly loved them. They felt a little blocky and uncomfortable in my hand. With that said I still always shot them fairly accurately and always enjoyed the "able to shoot in mud, sand, saltwater" premise of the glock.
When I heard about the new grip design and the interchangeable back straps on the new gen 4's and the new double recoil spring I decided to donate some more of my hard earned dollars to the Glock foundation.

Let's start with the new grip design. For me it is a huge improvement. It doesn't feel as blocky as my old gen 3. I found that the medium sized back strap to be the best fit for my hand. The first time out to the range I was shooting 2" groups at 15 yards. I was blown away for it being the first time handling the gun. It just seems to feel natural in your hand.

When you shoot the new G22 you will be questioning whether they accidentally gave you a 9mm as opposed to a 40 caliber. They have done an impressive job with the felt recoil of this gun. When I squeezed off the first round I questioned if I accidentally pulled my XDM 9mm out of my bag instead of my new 40. With this tamed recoil I shoot much tighter groups with this gen 4 than I could ever dream of with my previous gen 3's.
All in all I am very happy with the new design and happy I decided to part with some of my green backs. If you are part of the group that I was, liking but never loving the previous generations, I strongly recommend giving the new Gen 4's a look. Plus you cannot go wrong with the reputation of the Glock. This gun seems to always make it into my bag when I make a trip to the shooting range.

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