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I just picked up a new Glock to add to my collection, the Generation 4 Glock 19 9mm. If you have taken my class or read my other reviews you know I'm a big Glock fan and they certainly didn't disappoint with the Glock 19 Gen 4. I have had several glocks from the full size G22 40 cal to the subcompact G26 9mm but never a model 19. This is one of the most popular selling glocks due to it being calibered in 9mm plus it's size is a good compromise between full size and subcompact. I decided to by a 19 because I felt it was the perfect size to ride in my truck's console and small enough to throw in my waste band when I'm running errands. On to the review.

The overall fit and finish is on par with Glock. Not going to win any beauty contest but still has an all about business appeal to it. The finish is tough and will take a beating (I know from experience with previous Glocks). I love the new texture on the gen 4 Glocks. It gives you a very solid non slip feel. Some people have said they feel it's too rough but I for one like it. Previous generations would start to feel slippery in a sweaty palm after awhile at a range. Not the case with the gen 4. 

I found a pic online showing a side by side comparison of the new double recoil spring vs the old single. One of the reasons I held out on getting a G19 is because I read some bad reviews of the spring being too tough and the 9mm was having issues cycling the action resulting in fail to ejects and fail to feeds. The newer G19s have this problem resolved. I have put a lot of rounds down range with mine without a single failure. As for the new spring design, it does make a noticable differnce in recoil. My wife isn't a shooter and she can shoot this gun without a problem. 

All Glock Gen 4's come with interchangable backstraps. Just like my G26, the medium backstrap fits the best for my hand. As I stated in my other Glock reviews, I can not say enough good things about this design. The new grip on the Glocks should win over all the old Glock haters that didn't like the blocky feel of the old glock frames. This being the compact version of the 9mm Glock line up it almost feels like the perfect size in my opinion. It has a full grip so there is no need for mag extension like on the subcompact models. You get a total of 16 rounds (15 +1) so you get plenty of capacity out of a smaller handgun.

At the range it did not disappoint. Spot on accuracy just like my G26. It feels solid in your hand and the recoil is very manageable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this model to anyone male or female. It chewed through all types of ammo I threw at it in Glock fashion. No failures at all. 

I said it before. I love the factory sights on Glocks. A large bright U on the rear sight with the single white dot on the front. For factory sights these have very good visibily. They make sight allignment a breeze and help with quickly getting back on target after each round. 

I'm not going to get into all the little details and changes that Glock did with the new G19. I will just say that the other day I had a smaller class so I took a few of my handguns to the range for my students to shoot. One student owns a Glock G19 generation 3. After putting a few magazines down range he simply said "I'm getting a Gen 4." 

For concealed carry purposes I wouldn't use this as my primary carry weapon. For that I choose my Ruger LCP .380 pocket gun or my G26 subcompact. With that said this is the perfect gun to keep in your vehicle. It has great mag capacity and will still conceal for the occasional run into the store that is in a questionable area. I think I'm going to coin a new phrase. "Glock, I bet you can't own just one." 

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